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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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individuals lose their ability to communicate, recognize family and friends, and care for themselves. currently, there is no way to prevent cure or even slow all timers disease. everyone is at risk, everyone with a brain. all timers disease is the most expensive disease inmerica. it will bankrupt our nation we do not change course by finding effective treatment. during all timers disease and brain awareness month are asking san franciscans to take the purple pledge. please use your brains to help fight alzheimer's disease in three ways. first, please take the purple pledge at -- [inaudible]. please share this by social media. second, on june 21 please participate in the longest day of sunrise
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to sunset event to honor those facing all timers disease with strength passion and endurance. go to to register today. third please join our san francisco walk and all timers on saturday, september 19 in fort mason. thank you for your support. >>[applause] >> thank you and
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congratulations. now i lay to a knowledge supervisor obelisk by last commendation of today. >> thank you. i like to call michael freeman to the podium. mr. freeman is coming up. i like i rise to recognize michael teichmann and operation supervisor with sf tv who is retiring on friday after 20 years. michael has been professionally involved with local television stations since the early 1980s. he starred as a video crew person and playback operator, with viacom cablevision in san francisco and -- county. from there, he
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was the access coordinator for city visions, san francisco's public access channel operate by viacom cablevision's for seven years. while at viacom he successfully advocated for the upgrade of the facility, streamlined operations, improve community training and outreach. through his work with the public access channel, he became familiar with the public's need with and the many policy questions and conflicting priorities inherent in local tv programming. during the first gulf war use of the public access played a crucial role in providing the public with information and perspective disregarded by the mainstream media. at the end of 1993 he began working for the san francisco community television corporation, which is just starting to contract to operate san francisco's government channel. with this nonprofit,
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he took on the role of production supervisor and was involved in planning for management of public access in san francisco. he helped develop plans for a new public access facility participated in the search for a suitable location for the facility health) for nonprofit management of the channel, and successfully advocated for nonprofit management of public access. the san francisco board of supervisors recognizes work by appointing him to the citizens telecommunications policy committee. this committee made recommendations to the board of supervisors that resulted in significantly greater funding and support for local public education and government channels. michael continued to work for the public with sfgtv san francisco's government channel, as media production and later operation supervisor. just guide the growth of the channel, including the selection, purchase, and installation of equipment and
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facilities were field and studio production, editing, and government needing coverage including the ongoing conversion of the station city hall facility to a modern high-definition digital facility. michael's efforts in collaboration with other staff were instrumental in sfgtv insight from a tiny startup operating in a crushed one of the best local government channels in the country. he has produced a mist shot, directed, and edited dozens of programs for sfgtv including distress sf which provides san francisco's neighborhoods district or weekly legislative update series, and many election related programs. michael has also served as board member and board president for local community
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media nonprofit public education government channel, and facility for berkeley california. it is clear that michael is really dedicated his life to open government, to ensuring the public has access to what is going on among inner board chamber and other places where government decisions are made as a crucial work for ensuring that the public is well informed, and knows exactly what we are doing. so i really appreciate that work. michael plays electric guitar is led several local bands were producing several multimedia performances. he lives with his beautiful and of course, my wife come up susan to jinx the -- sci-fi mispronounce your name. the noted novelist and proud guardians to -- congratulations on your work and on your retirement. consider a long and prosperous summer vacation services begin up you enjoyed the most of it. >> thank you. >>[applause]
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>> thank you but supervisor and supervise. television has always a team effort and am happy to have a good chunk of our team here.. i station manager jack chin and charles cronin who has been with the station as long as i have. we have mike -- jennifer lozier. really appreciate the support from the board and especially the clerk's office is been great working with us they been very professional so thank you very much. >>[applause]
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>> thank you and congratulations again on your retirement.", can you please call item number 13 >> item 13, is an ordinance to amend the michigan code to require that all city elected officials keep public daily calendars at their meetings and events and to require the calendars kept by elected officials and department heads include information about the identities of persons attending meetings or events. to ship >> supervisor obelisk. >> thank you. this ordinance will add the board of supervisors and other citywide elected officials to the public
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counter requirements of the sunshine ordinance. this ordinance will also require elected officials to identify the people attend meetings with some exceptions for situations where privacy, such as whistleblowers, is necessary. to protect people who want to discuss confidential information with the city. in 1999 voters approved the sunshine ordinance which requires the mayor and city attorney, and department heads to make public counter the senior official meetings. for some reason, the board of supervisors and other elected officials were not included in the public counter requirements. the civil grand jury just last year recommended the board take this action to the public can know who we are meeting with. last month, the board -- a couple months ago -- the board voted for the strike against this recommended me to supervisor are already willing to disclose our calendars. were not required to. so, we are free to ignore public requests for our calendars. the civil
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grand jury also argued that disclosing the attendees at our meetings is critical for tracking lobbyist activities. if the public does not know who her meeting with there is no way to verify that lobbyists are accurately reporting what are meeting with elected officials. i understand that this ordinance and its implementation will create additional work for our staff, but i think we can all adjust to the process of passing around a sign in sheet at our meetings and then adding the names to our calendars. in fact, my office is already been involved in doing that work. it is a small price to pay for living transparency and trust the local government. gallup polls conducted an annual poll, that as americans to rank their honesty and ethical standards of various professions. lobbyists and others of congress have always been at the bottom of the list. it is my hope that providing little more chance privacy and accountability about who we
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meet with can help improve the public's trust in our government. that is essentially what this is about really treating the transparency that helps agreed that trust between local governments, offices and the general public colleagues whom i do have several memos that i would like to working with me on my office to help make this legislation, sensible and something we can all understand and comply with. i have mr. -- to it he could, speak for the sunrise >> deputy city atty. john -- happy to summarize. as clarification since an ordinance adopted by the voters on the 90s. required that the
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mayor city attorney, said the meetings involving city business. even though the city attorney was the only elected department had called out in that ordinance are ordinance has advised the last 16 years that all department heads, including elected department heads on the research of the calendar requirement. that includes the da to publix under the assessor etc. this ordinance would add the board of supervisors to this works the board of supervisors was not required to keep the calendar under the sunshine ordinance. the amend as all as supervisor avalos has distributed, will do four or five things. we try to run through them. in committee the rules committee made amendment requiring calendar keepers, department heads, mayor and other elected officials, to
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collect information about names of people who attend meetings. the amendment today will clarify that the requirement to name attendees at meetings applies only to meetings of 10 people or less. so, if committee of 10 people or less you must report the names of attendees subject to certain exceptions, and you must make an attempt to get the names of those individuals who are attending the meeting and the organizations they represent. the second change in the moment of the whole is to clarify that when counting up to 10 to figure out when you need to reports the names of people attending the meetings you should not count yourself. so, that obama had or elected official does not count in figuring out for the purpose of
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the name or con. there clarification is that the department head and elected officials will have three days after the meeting to update the calendar with the names of attendees and the organizations they represent. keep the calendar at all, will not apply to events where city businesses discuss only incidentally xavier entered apprentice of income since you asked your question about attending ordinance, you do not have to at that event to your calendar after the fact. it will modify not apply to casual dose you run into someone on the street and have a discussion that that is not a meeting that has to be added to your calendar. it does not apply to campaign related
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events, even if city business questions, during those events. finally as long as officials make a good-faith effort to comply with inane keeping requirements, and islam's members of the board of supervisors because good-faith effort to comply with the calendar requirements generally, he will not be in violation of the ordinance. so those are the amendments that are proposed in the amendment as all. >> thank you guys. colleagues whom i to motion that we accept the amendment is all. >> motion by supervisor avalos seconded by supervisor campos. colleagues committed those amendments without objection? without objection those moments pass. >>[gavel] >> supervisor val >> a quick purse while i think supervisor avalos for bringing this legislation for. i know strictly more work that i do believe in transparency and think supervisor wiener for working with a two-out the competence of set of amendments. there is one thing i want to propose a memento as
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well as i can do this orally, but it is still missing here. i say this in particularas we seek to increase transparency with the board we do have at this time of the year the significant part of organizations for-profit or nonprofit they come around advocating for funds, and i think having those organizations be listed as well in this will be required to be disclosed like it will be very important and those individuals as well. to me, it fits along with this transparency thing for sure. so, what i like to do is propose a amend on page 2, section c, and basically covers need to be disclosed. it says, right now developers of major projects as defined in the section 3.510 of the major project is discussed at the meeting and the additional would be employees or
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representatives of any entity that has received a grant from or entered a contract with any theater department in 12 months. so they will be my proposed amendment. to shift supervisor farrell has made a minute. is there second to that amend? seconded by supervisor tang with colleagues, to take the but before we take the amendment i would like to recognize supervisor cohen >> thank you. to the make of the moment does this include labor organizations that conduct relationships with the city >> yes we would include him to ship banquet >> okay. colleagues, can we take the amend without supervisor wiener >> clarification on the matter to ship only heard the one-time >> >> supervisor farrell. you should absolutely. so the addition would be specifically "in employees or representatives of any entity that received a grant from or entered a concept with any city departments within the previous 12 months.
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>> to the chair, still [inaudible] employees to ship employees or representatives >> represent it is okay thank you very much. >> supervisor cohen you want repetition on the amend >> no. i like to recognize that emotion >> okay. colleagues, any objection to the amend? can we take the amend without objection? without objection the amend passes >>[gavel] >> supervisor, >> i put my question is owed to the city attorney who gave a description of good faith effort and that is an interesting term. i was wondering if there is some kind of a framework were what qualifies her quantifies as a good-faith effort, what does it look like, how will i know, i will you know more importantly. is there a standard of what a good-faith effort looks like? >> deputy city atty. john given her. the term was left
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intentionally somewhat openbecause the fact it is always good and on the back. i anticipate that this ordinance passes, my office will probably work with you all in any of the department who had who wanted to repair standard sign in sheets, worth you have a meeting with 10 or fewer people you can hand out sign in sheet language at the top that says, please sign in. you are not required to identify yourself unless you fit into one of these categories. campaign consultant or with supervisor farrell's employee representative a city contractor or grantee. the idea behind the good-faith effort provision is that, if you take steps in good faith to god tried to comply with the ordinance, as a circulating that have sign in sheet, he would not be in violation of the ordinance if you end up with a incomplete list of names. >> thank you. i would imagine
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at some point some future body will probably come back and put some meat around the term good-faith. i think certainly when we talk about local hire without about local higher ordinances of punters and contractors getting work, good-faith effort was always called into question as to being ambiguous and vague, but i think it is a great first step . i am glad this measure passed. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> thank you. if you are willing to do that now we can perhaps consider amendments that could strengthen it, but to me good-faith is also like if you are neglecting purposely neglecting the new not practicing good-faith. so, good-faith is really making an effort. i look forward to seeing what language or what framework the city attorney can provide this to make sure we can actually conduct good-faith fairly effortlessly. become a
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routine part of our work. i can actually trying to recording my meetings as best i can, who is in a geico rates by todd during that during the meeting sometimes. -- also hopes me to try to remember them as well. so i think it is really worthwhile procedure to go through to make sure there were providing a level of transparency for the public who is interested in what kind of work were doing. >> pres. breed >> thank you. colleagues, i am not necessarily a fan of this measure. i want to make some amend. primarily, because of some of the challenges that implementing these sorts of requests. i have never had a problem with this sunshine request that comes to my office when an individual makes a request. more specifically asking the question, who i met with, who is in the meeting, what was the subject matter, and things of that nature. i do think it is important members of the public are interested in
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knowing about a specific subject matter or whether not we met with a lobbyist, or whether or not we discussed a specific subject matter that it is definitely appropriate for us to articulate that to the public at their request. the problem i have with providing my calendar are a couple of things. number one, establishing a pattern of my whereabouts. we are not department heads with hundreds of staff people were able to help us manage our daily calendars. we have three legislative aides to assist us in that task, and i know that when i was requested to provide my calendar it took my staff several days to separate my public and private calendar. i am not necessarily the most organized person in terms of being able to look at two different calendars to figure out,, what it is i am doing throughout the course of the
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day. as a result of that, i would ask my colleagues support a amend to this ordinance because i think the technology may exist, but the technology does not exist in my office to actually provide in good faith, the calendar or to manage my calendar in such a way that i have the technology to make it an easy task for my staff. so, what i am asking colleagues is that members of the board shall not be required to keep a calendar under this section unless the department of technology certifies that it has developed a system to assist members of the board to comply with the requirements of this section. the other concern that i mentioned is the whereabouts and establishing a pattern of my whereabouts. more specifically, i have had concerns about my personal safety, especially with
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notifying the public my whereabouts, and i am not comfortable, necessarily with doing so. i do not see a reason that we would need to tell someone specifically where a meeting place is. i do think it is appropriate that we articulate whether meeting was in city hall or outside of city hall. i would understand the purpose of why we need to be specific about where our meeting took place. so, the other amend tech that members of the board of supervisors should not be required to record in a calendar to place of each exact meeting that took place. the fact is, it is my understanding that the goal of this is to notify members of the public that we are meeting with individuals about subject matter pertaining to business of the city and county of san francisco. i am comfortable with doing that, but want to make sure that the city does its part in providing us the tools to do so, that it does not
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take up significant staff time and then, secondly, so that it does not impact our safety. so, colleagues, i would ask that you support me in those two amendments to this ordinance. >> pres. breed is that a motion to adopt these two amendments >> yes. >> may i just a typographical error or error on page 3, line 16. it states pricing that is a system >> yes. thank you supervisor. >> will take a motion with the addition of that one word. pres. breed has made a motion to amend it is their second to that motion to amend?see no second the motion fails >> supervisor avalos. >> colleagues, i appreciate your patience with this ordinance. this is something i think is really crucial for us
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to actually be clear about how we serve our public and i really appreciate your support. also think my cosponsors supervisors mar and supervisor campos for supporting this ordinance as well. i hope you can support it. thank you. >> supervisor campos >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor avalos for bringing this item forward. i know that they can meet challenging with all the requests that have been with their offices and i know that given some of the length of the increase that command that can be challenging, but i think it is really important for us to move in this direction. i think the more transparency we have, the better. with respect to the amendments from pres. breed, the reason i would not support
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those amendments is because i think that what we have seen is that folks like the city attorney, the mayor, have been able to comply with the requirements that are in place without those amendments and i think that we should be able to do so as well. i think that it is important for people to know where we are, what we do, and to the extent that there are concerns about safety, i think there are things we can do to address those concerns that something that should be taken very seriously, but again, i want to thank supervisor avalos for bringing this for. >> and quick supervisor wiener >> thank you. puppy supporting
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this legislation. i want to thank supervisor avalos budgets for moving the legislation forward, but to being very cooperative with various members of this board in terms of making sure we have legislation that is very clear in terms of what is required, so that we are all able to comply with the ordinance because the last thing you want to visit ordinance were people are not sure how to comply with it. we have always produced a calendar upon request and i think that numbers of the public are entitled to know what were up to in terms of the actual conduct of city business. i do want to, so you know pres. breed motion failed for lack of a second. i want to acknowledge the concerns underlying the amendment in terms of the safety and security of the members of the board of supervisors. i say that as someone who has been stopped in a bathroom and is a restraining order against someone. i say that someone is at my building multiunit building protested for different times including once i am with the protesters try to break into the building.
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i say that as someone i know not the old member of this board, when we see some of the vitriol and completely unprofessional and over-the-top behavior that exhibited the board chambers. we sought a week or two ago. we have seen in committee. we start a few years ago and hearing regarding the sheriffs. there are times when i think that i do not think our city government necessarily does enough, in terms of the security of members of this board of supervisors. being a public official, we do open ourselves up to criticism and aggressive criticism that is appropriate and wanted. i do not think any of us to bomb being aggressively criticized, but i do think that concerns the pres. breed raises are legitimate concerns. so, i just want to make those comments,
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but i do think this is important legislation and of the voting for it to ship thank you. supervisor farrell >> thank you. alluded to accu e supervisor wiener's comments. the two amend amendments i think i had little mortgage i think the second one of the open to discussing [inaudible]. certainly supervisor wiener mention he had had some incidents with three children about instances as well and if anything you protect your kids. that is not something i take lightly at all. we continually vigilant on. there is things we need to work on going forward on this, more than happy to do that and will absolute let my from a voting only for >> see no other names on the roster medical or can you please call the roll call >> >> before we go to that >> supervisor avalos >> i just want to reiterate my thanks to deputy city atty. john -- this work on ordinances were. >> thank you. see no other names on the roster, madam clerk can you please call.